Ancient Future 

The Return of Energy Medicine 



“Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie. ” 

    – William Shakespeare  

  (All’s Well That End’s Well)

     Energy medicine is safe, natural, and accessible, and it is beginning to change the face of health care.  According to Richard Gerber, M.D., “The ultimate approach to healing will be to remove the abnormalities at the subtle-energy level which led to the manifestation of illness in the first place.”  Norm Shealy, M.D., founding president of the American Holistic Medicinal Association, has flatly stated that,

“Energy medicine is the future of all medicine.”


This emerging approach is actually both contemporary and ancient.  According to Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Noble laureate in Medicine:  “In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

     Energy medicine is a term to describe the growing number of approaches where and understanding of the body as a system of energies is being applied for promoting healing, health, and well-being. Energy medicine is the art and science of fostering physical, psychological, and spiritual health and vitality.

Healing is an inside job.


Your body is designed to heal itself.  The ability of a body to maintain its health and overcome illness is, in fact, among nature’s most remarkable feats.  But you’ve been placed in a world that systematically interferes with this natural capacity, and your conscious involvement in your health is required if you are to truly prosper.

The only new things

are those which have been forgotten.


     Numerous cultures describe a matrix of subtle energies that support, shape, and animate the physical body, often displaying intelligence that transcends human knowing, called qui or chi in China, prana in the yoga tradition of India and Tibet, ruach in Hebrew, ki in Japan, baraka by the Sufis, waken by the Lakotas, orenda by the Iroquois, megbe by the Iruri Pygmies, and the Holy Spirit in Christian tradition.  It is hardly a new idea to suggest that subtle energies operate in tandem with the denser, “congealed” energies of the material body.