Carla has followed a healing path for most of her life, studying a variety of holistic therapies and philosophies. Her personal journey lead her to be completely immersed in the study of various yoga traditions, shamanic cultures and indigenous wisdom, including Star Knowledge. Through her diagnosis of Celiac disease, she learned to empower herself through the healing power of natural foods. Carla is a practitioner of Energy Medicine, Reiki Master/Teacher, Reflexologist, Private Yoga Instructor, and recipient as well as a facilitator of the Munay-Ki rites. She is also certified in the healing art of accupressure. For the past year she has held women’s healing circles as a certified Red Tent Facilitator. She also believes that creativity is the key to accessing inner realms for deep healing and self expression. Her approach incorporates body, mind and soul with ceremonial intent.  

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The Red Tent Moonlodge is a gathering of women who meet monthly, usually near the new moon. This practice has ancestral roots and historically has been the foundation of a healthy society. When women meet with sacred intention; competition is eliminated, fears dissipate, healing occurs and the community flourishes. 

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Carla now offering Reiki, Reflexology, Yoga Therapy, Ear Candling, Nutritional Counseling, Crystal Grid Sessions, Reiki Attunments and Soul to Sole sessions!

Carla is available by appointment



Services – 30min/60min/90min

Session prices – $45/$80/$100

Soul to Sole – $60/$120  (with Jeanine and Carla)